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How nicotine conditions your mind

This simple MISUNDERSTANDING of you thinking that your body is rewarding you for smoking is repeated, each and every time you smoke a cigarette.

That means, for EVERY single cigarette you light up, you add an extra layer of mind conditioning that re-affirms a BELIEF you possess an ingrained need for a “nicotine fix”; when ALL you really require is a “healthy level of endorphin production”.

The reasoning stands, because nicotine rewards you with pleasurable feelings each time you smoke and bad feelings when you stop smoking; this thought pattern repeated time and time again on a sub-conscious level, has conditioned your mind to think that smoking is actually a “healthy” thing to do.

Sounds crazy right? But is it really? You can quit doing ANYTHING you really WANT to quit doing; but you CAN’T quit smoking no matter how hard you try! Now, that when you think about it, IS crazy! But, it’s true right? So, why is that?

Imagine when you’re deciding on whether to smoke or not, a sweet voice whispering into your ear: “Go on… smoke it! You know you’re going to feel relaxed and pleasured!” …and when you do smoke: “That’s right! See, didn’t I tell you, you were going to feel good?” But if you resist, that same voice is no longer sweet and yells a crescendo of warnings to you: “Hurry up!!! Smoke it!!! Just do it!!! …Do it before the PAIN comes!!!”

Does this help you better understand why you continue to smoke, even though you KNOW on conscious level, that smoking is bad for you and that you should stop? Do you realize by that understanding your body’s needs for endorphins, you also come to realize that you DON’T need nicotine to feel relaxation or pleasure; just endorphins?

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